Ever since I stopped dancing after graduating high school (7 years ago, eeekk), I’ve struggled to find something that I’ve loved again. I’ve done yoga and enjoyed it but still felt like I had to force myself to go. I tried running and that was definitely not for me. I’ve done workouts in my apartment, never pushing myself nearly as hard as I should. Even though I’ve only been to a few classes, I am beyond excited about Pure Barre!

Pure-BarreThe first class, I should admit, felt very strange and foreign. I thought it would be a familiar concept with a dance background, which I still this is helpful, but it was completely new movements. During the class I actually felt like it wouldn’t be for me but I enjoyed the stretching at the end so I went ahead and signed up for a month. Now, I can’t wait to go back again! I am officially hooked! Which is a lot for me to say. And this blog post will definitely hold me accountable but I even bought the Pure Barre Socks!

purebarresocksYou best believe I’ll be checking in the mirror every night, waiting very impatiently for my 6 pack to show up.

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