It was a week of goodbyes for me. Sadly said farewell to a couple close friends that are on to bigger and better things (the 2 pictured above that aren’t my sister and bro-in-law). These changes have brought on thoughts about what the heck I’m doing. I’m not sure what’s next for me but feeling really good about what’s to come. But maybe I’m only feeling so positive because I’m at the beginning of a mini vacay and just had a couple glasses of wine, it’s a toss up (I wrote this on Thursday night, I don’t typically drink wine in the a.m.)

Links for the weekend:

  1. Your day will become far more hilarious after looking at this and this.
  2. Remember Kip from Napoleon Dynamite?!
  3. Was the Delia’s catalog the best thing in the mail for you too?
  4. A couple homes I’m lusting over.
  5. Oscar Wilde wisdom.
  6. If I cooked, I’d make these ASAP.
  7. What stores should actually be called.

Adoptable pet of the week: Peanut

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