So I’ve started taking piano lessons and it has been the best thing I’ve done in a long while! But it has been so insanely challenging! Growing up, I was typically a pretty quick learner, especially athletically. But we need to talk about how frustrating it is that I am now so damn old, that I’m just bad at everything! Maybe I’m entirely too hard on myself but why can’t I play Goodbye Yellow Brick Road yet!? And I won’t even go into how terribly un-athletic I am now. Never ask me to be on your team of any kind, you’ve been warned.

Do you think that it really is that much easier to learn things as a kid than as a adult? I had a conversation with someone today that also tried to learn an instrument recently and they found it incredibly difficult as well. My piano teacher has told me that it’s SO EASY to read music and I need to just stop over thinking it but that whole concept is not clicking with me very quickly at all. And I am trying so hard you guys.

If you know me even remotely well, you know that I was a self proclaimed piano superstar as a kid but my mom decided to sell my keyboard in a garage sale. It’s been at least 10 years and I don’t let her go longer than 5 months without hearing about it. But I really wonder if I would have caught that much quicker as a kid if I would have taken lessons.

This article doesn’t think so and this one says it’s easier as a kid but obviously still possible as we get older.

Well I guess I’ll just continue to learn a single line of O Holy Night each night. Maybe I’ll have it down my Christmas.

1 thought on “BACK TO BASICS

  1. Looking forward to singing carols around the piano, er keyboard! And for the record, once your sister decided to play it i decided it was time for it to go to spare us all!


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