I just got off a very relaxing mini vacay. I sure do love the end of the year when you need to use up all of your vacation days. My few days off were spent mostly bubble bathing and taking care of my poor, sweet sedated dog that had her teeth cleaned this week. She doesn’t take to anesthesia very well…I’ll leave it at that. I, quite literally, placed her in the position¬†above and she didn’t move an inch all night. The perfect bed sharer. And I finally went on a swan boat on Lake Eola! Can you spot my workplace/home?! #postparkside

  1. Movies to watch on Netflix. Be sure to watch Short Term 12..amazing!!
  2. I tested this, it works!
  3. Jaclyn, I like your home, I think we’d get along.
  4. I love so many of the rooms in this house, but some I am strongly not a fan of. You feel the same?
  5. I love names! Happy to see my favorites still aren’t on the popular list.
  6. Oh hey, life.
  7. Also, so much of this. Are you following A Cup Of Jo yet? She’s my absolute favorite.

Adoptable pet of the week: Drake

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