The Grammy’s is like a parade of the weird. It’s so exciting to see what strange outfit is going to walk down the red carpet next! Here’s what I thought:


Ariana Grande’s ponytail has got. to. go. Did you see her interview with Ryan Seacrest? I get being nervous but she was so uncomfortable and rude. And I hate her dress. It looks like you could buy it at Charlotte Russe. I think it’s flattering and looks nice on her but that silver piece is no bueno.


Beyonce didn’t quite serve it for me. Of course, she looks gorgeous and her hair is amazing, but has she not worn this before? And that pose is not helping. It was just kinda, dare I say it, boring..?


First of all, I love this woman. If you don’t already follow her on instagram, do so now. She’s hilarious! And I liked this dress a lot! I thought it was fun enough for the Grammy’s but still a pretty dress.


I actually thought this jumper was pretty cool for Gwen Stefani. It looked better on TV than in this photo, I think. But did you see her duet with Adam Levine?! Loathed it so much.


Big fan of this look for Iggy! She looks nice! The braid is too high on her head but I’m still into it.


When I first saw this, I loved it! But then I saw it wasn’t a full length dress and I felt kinda meh about it.


Oversized bedazzled bath robe? I actually don’t hate the dress but it’s so big! But the hair looks good.


Another dress bought at Charlotte Russe. No, girl. And why is she STILL singing with Tony Bennett?!


As terrible as this is, the worst part of Madonna’s outfit was her neck veins bulging every time she spoke.


Miley Cyrus didn’t look terribleeeee but somebody get the girl some lipstick.


Rihanna’s dress was INSANE. But I loved it! I thought it was so fun! And it was nice to see someone not showing side boob or underboob or some crazy high slit.


Taylor Swift was my absolute favorite! If I went to the Grammy’s I would want to wear something like this. And her legs look bangin!

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